On 21 May 2012 an ex Scout and Army Cadet Ryan Braunton-Turner was privileged to be able to carry the Olympic Torch for the Olympics that were being held in our Country.

It was such a wonderful experience for him to be able to do this in Minehead.

To celebrate 10 years since the Olympics, Ryan has kindly loaned us the Olympic Torch for us to use in conjunction with The Baton.

Ryan is in the Armed Forces and as Alan Rowe who inspired The Baton and also got to carry an Olympic Torch we thought we would celebrate by doing something special.

The Baton, quite simply, is the handle of a military stretcher

Why a stretcher? a stretcher is neutral, it doesn’t discriminate and there regardless for friend, foe or local civilian coping with the reality of war

The stretcher used was not just any stretcher, many have been carried on this particular one used by the courageous Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) in Afghanistan. People were carried to safety and care on it, tragically some dying on it, the hands that once gripped this stretcher’s handles, at times under fire, might well have been bloody themselves.

A Baton can be passed from caring hand to caring hand, carrying with it the tangible feelings of many, If it could talk what could that handle tell us? its new role is to go out into the world as far and wide as possible to help Keep the Message Alive!

All sections Beavers, Cubs and Scouts did 2012 lengths between them that was marked out and each young person got the chance to carry the Olympic Torch and Baton.

The Baton Family – there for serving, former serving, their families and often those who feel forgotten.”

1st Honiton Scout Group raised £100 for The Baton Charity whilst doing this event which we handed over to Jenny (Alan Rowe’s Daughter) when we returned The Baton.