Honiton Scout Leader visits Kenya

Tabs International and 1st Honiton Scout Group

Jenny Beckett (aka Tigger one of Honiton Scout Leaders) is in Kenya to visit the Springs of Life Tabs International School. Jenny is a trustee for the charity Tabs International. The charity built and now supports a primary school in the Kiandutu slums in Kenya. The school provides an education to over 400 children and provides each child with a school lunch which is vital to families on the breadline whose children would often go hungry.
1st Honiton Scout Group have donated 50 scarves to the school for the older children to be able to start their own Scout Troop. Jenny was able to deliver the scarves to the school in person on behalf of 1st Honiton Scouts. The Kenyan Scout Movement is predominantly run through schools and some Year eight students from Spring of Life school wrote to the UK TABS International trustees and requested scarves.

1st Honiton Scout Group agreed to donate the scarves along with 50 woggles and 50 Honiton badges to let the school pupils finally be able to join the Scout Movement.

Jenny said that the youngsters were all so grateful, and said “now we are really Scouts just like the Honiton Scout Troop”