Dementia for UK Parliament Week

Over the last 3 weeks Beavers have been doing all about Dememtia for our UK Parliament Week.

We decorated pots with dinosaur stickers and put compost and daffodil bulbs in them.

We coloured in letters to make our posters.

We talked about the different things that help the brain work and had a go at making our own brain cell by having a blob of paint and blowing through a straw to spread it in different directions. We had some wonderful shapes made and explained that everyone’s brain cells are different.

The pots of bulbs were taken to the Honiton Friends Cafe Annual Meeting this week and handed out.

The Beavers explained to our Cllrs when they came into see us this week what we have been doing for our Parliament Week activity.

We have been involved with the Memory Cafe for quite a few years now and the Beavers enjoy doing pots of bulbs for them.